Magical Murals by Peggy

Cody's Original Roadhouse Restaurant

I had the time of my life being involved with the grand opening of Cody's.  I saw the renovation of the restaurant from start to finish and it was amazing!  When you go into the restaurant, look for anything handpainted on glass, wood, metal, or brick and you'll see what I contributed.  The designer gave me lots of leeway to pick fonts, colors, and layouts.  I would get lists of signs and sayings and be on my way.  Many of the designs I came up with as well.  Dan Huckeby was a terrific commercial designer to work for.  The owners of Cody's, John Demetriadis & Allen Musikantow, were awesome as well.  Please scroll down to see a variety of the signs and murals I painted for Cody's.  The entirety of my work for Cody's has been separated into categories for your convenience. 

Here I am painting the logo on a freshly painted vintage Chevy. There's a first time for everything!
Up top is my Welcome sign and on the glass windows are Cody's signature designs and logos.
I am pretty proud of these intricate designs painted on glass - not an easy trick.
My Coke logo was painted freehand on brick - love it! I was especially excited about painting a glass bottle on brick.
Did you check out the grouper? The slogan "What you want is a coke" is from 1952.
This is the first large sign I painted. It's in the foyer. I sealed all the painted glass with a varnish for durability.
I can paint any kind of font on wood. Here I chose a casual font that reflects Cody's style.
This old tin sign had a lot of blank space so the designer wanted a stock car painted on to it. I researched cars from the 50's and 60's and we agreed on this 1969 Ford from Richard Petty's win of the Motor Trend 500. The car was really blue but I thought yellow would stand out better.
I chose about 6 different retro fonts to work with throughout this project. They were all in keeping with the "Cody" style, not too fancy.
If you've got a car dealership, I want your windows! All these windows were vanished with polyurethane to withstand the weather and windex!
Cody's Design and Construction Chief's over for dinner.
My arm's around Dan Huckiby, the designer and his son was the general contractor.