Magical Murals by Peggy

Peace & Owl Room

This was a 4 day mural.

This little girl couldn't decide between peace signs and owls so we pulled both designs together to make all her wishes come true!  Read the captions for more on how we did it.
I used the same flower pattern to make the peace sign and the heart between the owls.
Here's another peace sign in the name over the bed. She's going to hang butterflies from the ceiling to fill in the space.
The diameter is about 4 feet and the flowers range from 1 to 6 inches in size. The amount of detail you want in your design will impact how long it takes to paint. Tessa will keep noticing new flowers in this compact design!
We pulled all the colors out of the quilt design but we decided to go with a slightly different owl because they were so cute. They tie right into the quilt since the colors are the same.