Magical Murals by Peggy

Q & A


Q:  How do we get started?


A:  The first step is to work out the design.  Just give me a call or send me an email and tell me your ideas.  Don't worry if you don't have a theme in mind.  I can help you get started.   If we're painting a nursery, we can use the bedding for inspiration. Or, if you have a particular theme in mind, like princesses or animals, we'll go from there.  Sending me digital photos or ideas from the web is a great way for us to get started as well!  We'll have the design concept worked out before I even come to your home.


Q:  What's next?


A:  Once you've decided on a design, I'll be able to give you a rough estimate of what the mural will cost.  The last step will be coming out to your home to finalize the design.  We'll pick the color palette together and go over any of your concerns.  I'll give you a final estimate based on your choices!


Q:  What do I need to do?


A:  You'll need to have the base color of the walls painted the color that you want.  Also, all the furniture needs to be in place so that I can determine the placement of the mural.  If you have particular bedding on order or in mind,  we need to have it available so that everything coordinates.  Once you've set a start date, I'll get to work!



Q:  How much do you charge?


A:  The cost of a mural varies by several factors.  The main factors are how large an area we're covering and  how much detail is in the design.  We can play with the design to fit any budget!  All of the materials and paint are included in the price.  As I mentioned above, I can give you a rough estimate over the phone once we've ironed out the design and I have an idea of the room size.



Q:  Are the murals permanent?


A:  I use high quality acrylic and latex paints,  both are water based.  These paints will last until you're ready to change the theme of the room.  However, if the wall is scratched, just give me a call for a touch up!  When you are ready to repaint the room, you'll need to lightly sand any raised edges, prime, and then repaint.