Magical Murals by Peggy



Welcome to Magical Murals by Peggy!  I have trained in all forms of art including stain-glass, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, and portraiture.  The brush is definitely my favorite.  For the past three years I have been the Art Director for a children's after-school program.  I have developed the weekly art projects which encompass many different mediums and I teach it to 45 children.  Designing sets for a 200 participant Vacation Bible School program is also one of my pastimes.  I have done everything from painting large scale backdrops on stage, to painting custom-made surf boards, to creating and hanging sculptures all over the main hall. 



"The whole experience of having Peggy paint a mural on the "Creation account of Genesis" in our church was fantastic!  The mural is beautiful!  It adds so much to the church and does an excellent job of welcoming children and their families to our church.  Peggy is a top  notch professional.  She set up and tore down so quickly and quietly that I often didn't know she was working.  She always kept a clean work space.  While working she greeted visitors and church staff with a warm smile.  Throughout the project she continually sought input from the staff and others to make sure she was painting exactly what we wanted.  In between painting sessions Peggy even engaged the children of the church by posting questions about the painting so that they could better learn the story of creation.  How great is that?  Peggy did an excellent job.  She and her murals would be an asset to your space!

~Nathan Adams

Pastor for Discipling Ministries

Saint Paul's UMC Tallahassee, FL



"Fabulous! It's better than I imagined!  You can see that picture so much better now.  I'm blown away!  It makes a huge difference." 

Thank you, Amy McClure  (French Country Foyer)


"The mural is so beautiful, so a live, I love it!  What a creative mind you have, and what a great gift you have made to the church and the children especially!"

Love ya, Jessie Perry


"The sheer exuberance in Benton's murals and works on canvas have an infectious quality that is hard to avoid - you simply cannot enter a room she has touched without acquiring the sense of optimism and joy in her painting."

~Theresa Conner


"Dear Peggy,  Thank you for all you did to make the mural on the nursery wing a reality.  Your talents are amazing and your generosity an inspiration!  It is just beautiful!""

St. Paul's United Methodist Church Board of Trustee's


"Peggy made the whole process very easy.  She really cares about producing a quality work of art that your family will love.  I was impressed with Peggy's professionalism and would highly recommend her to others!"

~Lori Evans (Flower Vine)


"Peggy's art comes from the heart.  Her love of people is reflected in all her projects.  Color and design seen to flow effortlessly in a fluid story that delights the eyes and conjures memories."

~Stephanie Corry

Office Assistant/ St. Paul's UMC


"It's beautiful!  She did a fabulous job.  It brightened up the whole hallway."  Linda Fletcher

Church Secretary

Proud member of the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.